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scouted again

2010-08-09 23:24:31 by ga1anti

that's it

i yesterday i noticed none of my pictures were in the portal and then i realized for no fucking reason my profile was unscouted!! I dont why it happened or how to fix this situation. i do my best to make good pictures and ive seen worse in the art portal so if the reason i got booted was for my latest submission im gunna b pissed >:(


2010-06-24 18:13:54 by ga1anti

i finally finished the zelda fan art ive been working on. YAY ^_^

go check it out in the portal!

Zelda sneak peek!!!!!

2010-06-15 13:09:01 by ga1anti

ive been putting a lot of work into my newest picture and its quickly becoming one of my best. it still needs a lot of work but since im a tease im posting a preview. u wont get to see everything but ull get the idea

Zelda sneak peek!!!!!

finally done

2010-06-08 20:02:16 by ga1anti

just finished and uploaded the leo & satan fanart ive been working on forever. check it out in the portal!!!

Finally Got SCOUTED!!!!!

2010-06-04 19:16:43 by ga1anti

THANK GOD!!!! it took a while but definitely worth the wait...
p.s. does this violate the "no photographs" rule?

Finally Got SCOUTED!!!!!

leo & satan fan art

2010-06-02 16:41:40 by ga1anti

ive got a boner for this series and ive started work on a fan art picture that should b epic in proportions. i hope oney ng likes it and that it doesnt take too long. about one third done

CHECK IT OUT!!!!! da

2010-05-31 21:14:32 by ga1anti

my deviant art is

P.S. eye candy


CHECK IT OUT!!!!! da

New art uploaded!!!!!

2010-05-31 17:24:11 by ga1anti

nothing special but they look cool and they give my gallery some diversity.
P.S. they look better in full view

New art uploaded!!!!!

Im bored with ng

2010-05-30 12:01:36 by ga1anti

i feel like ive gone threw the whole site (or at least all the interesting parts), posted all my best art, favorited all the stuff i like, and now im just bored. and despite the fact that im completely ignored and none of my art has been scouted i cant turn my back on newgrounds. its a love/hate relationship